With you all the way, from landing to takeoff!

Airport management, control and display solutions for any airport


Velocity Airport Solutions develops and supplies integrated tower and airport solutions, control, display and monitoring for any airport and airport tower. Latest technology optimizes the use of hardware and is cost-effective while providing significant improvements in operational safety and controller working environment.

The systems consist of various modules that interact and provide an overview of the airport operation, all in one place.  The system can be installed partially, interacting with some or all external systems or as a total ground operations solution for any airport in the world.


The need for speed

Air traffic is rapidly growing around the world causing possible congestion not only in the air but also on the ground.  With additional traffic adding every day, possible runway incursions, gate holds and delays are on the rise.  With modern technology, optimization is easier than before and with simplified technology, safety and expeditious handling is now available to any airport, not just the few selected.  


Safety first

Growing statistics in runway incursions is a big concern to airport operators.  Airport ground operation is a complex scenario with ever growing need for information exchange and safer methods.  With the latest technology, we strive to minimize the possibility of accidents and incidents affecting the day to day operation.  Let us help you to optimize your airport's throughput and ensure the safest means of ground traffic control.

Priced just right!

Our systems are priced just right for your airport.  Of the 21.000 registered commercial airports, only few have ATC systems to offer quality service and safety.  With our systems, different approach, latest technology, COTS hardware and rapid deployment, means your airport can be equipped just as the next one, even for a fraction of the price.