As much as we like all greens...

... we need to be able to educate and train!

The Velocity Airport Traffic Stimulator

Fortunately, airports run without serious incidents from day to day although incidents occur.  Our goal is to minimize the risk as possible and as much as we like to have our system displaying only greens and yellows, we recognize the need for the air traffic controller to be familiar with the system and it's behavior when in alert state.   The Velocity Airport Stimulator is able to generate partial or full stimulation to the ATCO display to perform routine training or planned tests for the controller.  

Velocity Airport Stimulator

The stimulation engine replicates actual traffic of both aircraft and cars.  With this, the ATCO display of a certain controller can display unforeseen or planned traffic that will trigger alerts with it's behavior.  The path, speed and other parameters are set by the trainer and can be started at any time.

In the training environment, the stimulator can be used to generate traffic of both aircraft and cars to simulate the system in action.  Real traffic can also be added from live sources.  Each vehicle can have custom built paths with variable speed and duration.  The system will loop the traffic to simplify exercise generation.

With this tool, the instructor can set up realistic scenarios to train and familiarize the ATCO on how to react to possible runway incursion alerts provided by the system safety nets.