Airport Tracking System

Airport Tracker is a cost effective Airport Surface Tracking System designed to provide visual aid to Air Traffic Controllers and reduce the risk of ground incursions. The system is based on a proven technology utilizing GPS and network technology to transmit and recieve information at ground surveillance radar intervals.


Ground Traffic Analysis Suite

The Ground Traffic Analysis Suite is will generate statistical data on most measurable parameters such as runway usage, taxiway usage, crossings, stops-and-goes (radio occupation), timings, etc. all the way to a taxiway segment timing in seconds.  The information is measured pr. vehicle and can be grouped or categorized as needed.  


Arrival/Departure displays

With operations monitored at all stages, both on ground and in the air, the Arrival/Departure Display System delivers live information about all flights inbound and outbound to passengers.  Any foreseen delay will be displayed in real-time ensuring timely passenger load/unload and  to minimize the expected impact of gate blockage.


Get paid for your services!

The Velocity Billing System is designed to handle all billing and statistics need of Air Navigation Service Providers and Airports.  The system allows billing, statistics and planning for all landing, departing, parking and/or overflight aircraft.  


ADS-B Solutions

The future in air surveillance is in ADS-B.  The Velocity ADS-B ground station contributes to other systems and provides rapidly updated air situation information in standard ASTERIX Eurocontrol format.  The system complies with all the ICAO requirements and is built using the latest, best known technological improvements over this type of systems.


Air Side Driving Simulator

The Velocity Air Side Driving Simulator is a unique cost effective and realistic 3D simulation solution aimed at training air side drivers/operators on the actual airport driving conditions, daily operations & handling emergency situations without the dangers & costs involved, which is not possible to do in real life.


Terminal Information System

Service time is key to any airport operation.  Gate management relies on rapid information exchange and heads-up information is crucial for safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic.  The Terminal Information System ensures that everyone receives information in time to optimize handling time in the fastest means available.  


Passenger Walkways

The airport facilities must be as comfortable as possible for passengers. This requirement applies to the passenger's entire route from arrival until leaving the airport. The section connecting the airport passenger terminal and the aircraft forms part of this route. Make it safe, pleasant and efficient with the latest in passenger walkway systems from us.


Modular Terminal Buildings

Velocity Modular Terminal Buildings and Structures can be constructed in a matter of weeks and are fully relocatable when needed.  They offer the utmost choice, availability, versatility and financial control.