Quick Modular Integration Terminal Solutions

- scalable to your needs


Velocity Passenger Walkways

The airport facilities must be as comfortable as possible for passengers. This requirement applies to the passenger's entire route from arrival until leaving the airport. The section connecting the airport passenger terminal and the aircraft forms part of this route.  Velocity Passenger Walkways (V-MTB) makes this part of the journey a pleasant and safe experience.

At large or high-traffic airports, this section is catered for by overpasses or fingers, which require heavy investment. The proposal caters for this requirement with a boarding walkway consisting of an aluminium structure covered by a heavy-duty canvas.


Precast concrete lineal support bases

These support the walkway and hold it in place, prevent rain from entering and level the structure

Durable, tear-proof and UV ray resistant, easy maintenance, digital printing, five-year guarantee

Connection with aircraft

This could be made using the existing airport escalators or by providing each walkway with a covered staircase and and awning extendable to the aircraft.


Aluminum arcaded structure

Heavy-duty and weather-resistant, this structure evacuates hot air, facilitating thermal conditioning inside the walkways.

Lighting, electrical, CCTV and FIDS

Light units throughout the route, main switchboard worked by motion sensors to control consumption. The CCTV and FIDS system will be designed, planned, installed and connected inside the walkways so that it is operational over the passengers' entire route through the tunnel.