Quick Modular Integration Terminal Solutions

- scalable to your needs


Velocity Modular Terminal Buildings

Velocity Modular Terminal Buildings (V-MTB) can be constructed in a matter of weeks and are fully demountable and re-locatable.  All our structures are designed and built in-house to your exact requirements and have the appearance and characteristics of a permanent building. 

Available for hire, purchase or lease, our buildings can remain on site for weeks, months or years and can be quickly and easily dismantled and relocated to a different site at any time.  All the materials are reusable and recyclable, making the V-MTB structures the flexible and sustainable choice.



By choosing V-MTB you have the flexibility to expand or downsize dependent on your requirements, reducing the risk of sudden changes and unexpected overheads.


Our flexible accommodation for sale or lease can be used for a variety of functions and can be branded to suit your individual requirements.

Financial control   

Modular buildings can preserve your capital, allow you to budget effectively and gives you the opportunity to invest in a permanent structure in the future if required.



We have a range of pre-constructed modular buildings that we are always in stock to quickly accommodate your temporary growth needs.

Peace of mind

We are with you every step of the way and offer a exemplary aftercare service as standard.