Velocity Integrated Tower Solution

- de-clutter the tower!

Velocity Integrated Tower Solution

The Velocity Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) is a cost effective touch-enabled tower display system, based on Velocity Airport Surface Monitoring System. It is designed to provide visual aid to Air Trafc Controllers and reduce the risk of ground incursions while enabling single-point of control for all tower systems. The system is based on a proven technology utilizing navigation and network technology to transmit and recieve information at ground surveillance radar intervals. All communication with airport systems such as AWOS, AGL, cameras, etc. is based on open standards and the system can interact with most industry standard communication protocols. 

While giving a unied view of the airport trafc and operational status, the technology eliminates blank spots and shadows and provides the ATCO with a full dynamic view of the whole airport, leaving no critical area undetected.  Automatic surveillance features and calculations of inbound and outbound trafc progress, increases throughput and productiveness of the tower operations.
The system is a part of the the Velocity Airport ITWP is designed to grow and adapt to any airport operation. The system is a key product providing the controller with a live view of the ground and air trafc. 

The system can easily be adapted to include inbound air trafc and terminal operation information, both resulting in improved service handling time. 


Surveillance and security

A-SMGCS features for any type of airports.  Routing and guidance, safety nets for incursion warnings, security control, etc.  Information from networked sensors or dynamic input from inspection vehicles.


AGL control and monitoring

Airfield Ground Lighting control with dynamic interaction with green lights (follow-the-greens). Macro support for complex systems.



Replace your traditional weather monitor with the AWOS module that displays critical information for controllers and offers in depth analysis of weather data when needed.


Arrivals and departures

Live arrival and departure information tables show estimated time of landing and departure.  With gate monitoring, even more accurate departure estimates can be provided to the controllers. 



Greater exibilty of strip handling and dynamic connection to targets on the map.  Use the traditional strip stack or enable the datablock based strip system for a more convenient and productive way of controlling.


Monitor and alert

Connect to cameras to view blind spots, monitor departing and arriving aircraft, runways/taxiways, and security perimeter.


Vehicle monitoring

Vehicles are monitored and reported dynamically, allowing the controller to have immediate overview of the area.  Vehicles entering restricted areas are reported and drivers are alerted.  Live monitoring reduces chances of incursions. 


Resource monitoring

ITWP monitors and alerts if critical systems report errors or fail.  This allows the controller to act immediately and report to incoming and outgoing trafc while the system alerts the operation control. 


Gate progress monitoring

Gate monitoring and progress information helps controllers and operations to organize gate allocation and prevent gate holds and delays. 

Solution designed by Air Traffic Controllers for Air Navigation Service Providers

The Integrated Tower Solution is designed and improvised by Air Traffic Controllers from around the world.  It's designed with rapid actions in mind and aims to de-clutter the tower environment from multiple and confusing monitors, while optimizing redundancy and fail-safe conditions by simplifying and organizing the ATCO's CWP.  

The modular architecture allows for installations from the most simplest configurations to complex full supportive scenarios.  Modules can be set up to replace or co-operate with current environment and additional modules can be added later without complex integration processes.  This allows the system to grow with the users requirements and cost-effective scalability in mind.

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