Airfield Ground LIghting (AGL)

- Halogen and LED airfield lights, helipad lighting, equipment,and control & monitoring system.

Power when and where you need it!

Velocity manufactures aviation power supply and test equipment which include GPU and aircraft power supply solutions, aircraft ground power test equipment, aircraft battery charge and/or discharge equipment and electrical safety test tools. Those safety tools include motor integrated test systems, power supply automatic test systems and power analyzers. 

For GPU we offer a range of advanced programmable AC power supplies, programmable DC power supplies and AC/DC electronic load etc.

Velocity products are widely used in airport hangars and on aprons/jetways in civil and/or military installations providing  power to any type of aircraft found on the market today.  For safe and long lasting operation, Velocity provides tools for calibration and testing of all units.


Integrated Power Supply Systems

Velocity's integrated power supply system with cable reel is the optimum solution for airport boarding bridge. Combine medium frequency power supply with cable reel by structure optimization, and built the integrated system perfectly. Quick installation, easy operation, high guarantee service efficiency.

System advantages

  • Quick and simple installation, no need comprehensive operation
  • Integrated structure, compact dimensions and low weight
  • Perfect over load capacity, suitable for the latest generation aircraft model, such as B78X and A380.
  • Intelligent design of cable reel rotation speed, automatic twist/release at the end of cable, fast twist/release speed with high efficiency.
  • Optimized structure, high reliability and easy maintenance.


Separated Power Supply Systems

Separated power supply system include ground medium frequency power supply, cable reel, remote control box, interlocking device, etc. Medium frequency power supply output is connected to cable reel input, remote control box is used to stop/start output of medium frequency power supply and twist/release cable.

System advantages

  • Power supply and cable reel maintenance easier and more efficient to operate compared to a standard power supply system.
  • One of a kind design of power supply and cable reel. Compact dimension, low weight, minimum stress on boarding bridge


Pedestal and Portable Systems

Pedestal mounted and portable power supply system come equipped with integrated power supply with cable reel either on pedestal mount or wheels/wagon and provide power to aircraft from the ground or own power source. It has the following advantages over bridge mounted power supply systems.

System advantages

  • Convenient size for self service operation on temporary stands, either permanently mounted or portable.
  • Reduced bearing design risk on structures, i.e. PBBs.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance and maintenance cost.  
  • Perfect for smaller airports and remote parking stands that have no or limited access to in-ground power.

Email us with your airport's requirements for further information, variations and price.