Features (AODB)

Aside from the CDM-ready capabilities, Velocity's AODB features numerous functionalities such as flight management and information sharing with stakeholders via video text, terminal monitors (FIDS), public address system and corporate website. The system can be used for financial management or can be linked to accounting software. Velocity's AODB can also be used to manage the airport agenda, issues and duty reports and support technical services such as airport facility management. 


No installation required
No installation processes or hard drive space at client side is required for Velocity's AODB. It remains in the cloud whenever you launch it, the latest version is always available. This saves your IT-department a great deal of work while not compromising on the desktop look and feel, functionality and without loss of performance.
Updates are seamless 

Velocity's AODB will be continuously improved to provide your airport with a system which keeps up with the continuous change and innovation in your business. While traditional desktop applications require having to patch each and every individual user, the upgrades are applied to the Velocity's AODB server giving each user instant access to the latest version. There will no longer be any need to schedule maintenance time with subsequent loss of access to the system.

Cross platform compatibility
Velocity's AODB being a web-based application is far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software. The minimum requirement is a web browser of which there are many. These web browsers are available for a multitude of operating systems and so whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac OS you can still run Velocity's AODB system. 

 Mobile access: anywhere, anytime Web-based applications can be accessed from any device as long as it supports an internet browser. Velocity's AODB can therefore be accessed from a wide range of devices including tablets, mobile phones and PDA’s. It allows your employees to access any information anywhere and anytime. 
High deployability
Due to the manageability and cross platform support, deploying web applications to the end user is far easier. You simply need to provide the users their login credentials and internet access. This allows you to widen access to your systems, streamline processes and improve relationships by providing more of your customers, suppliers and third parties with access to your systems.

Usable from inexpensive devices

The web-based feature of Velocity's AODB can dramatically lower costs due to lower requirements on the end user system. What do you need a powerful desktop for, if you are running a thin client application? This opens up a world of cost savings for your airport!


Centralised data 

Velocity's AODB is built on top of a database which provides a centralized source of data. Centralized data brings several advantages to your airport, improving the overall performance and cost efficiency of your airport.

Common situational awareness 

Information sharing between all airport partners is the foundation of efficient airport operations. Through the exchange and sharing of all available information via a centralized database, common situational awareness is created. It will create an operational ‘picture’ shared by all airport partners, resulting in a reduced volume of communication and better decision-making; saving your airport money and improving the overall efficiency.

Data integrity
Velocity's AODB provides a central database with guaranteed, consistent, robust operational performance. It stores, distributes and manages all operational data of all airport community members. 

Every stakeholder at your airport has access to the same data from the moment it is entered into the system. Data needs to be entered only once, either manually or automatically, eliminating redundant data entry and ensuring the consistency and accuracy of data. Furthermore, significant effort has been made to implement plausibility checks to facilitate early identification and avoidance of errors.

Data safety
The central database is hosted in a state-of-the-art data center which ensures the safety of your data. Backups are automatically created at regular intervals. In the case that there is a problem with the data, these backups allow a fast return to normal operations.
Availability of real-time information
Velocity's AODB provides instant access to information from the moment it is entered, allowing airport partners to react to the latest information. The absence of delay in the information transmission will provide you with the means to make faster decisions saving you time when it matters.


Efficient data gathering 
Information is directed by any user into a central system from which it can be retrieved at the moment it is needed, avoiding the unnecessary effort of broadcasting information and preventing employees from processing unrequested information, allowing them to process relevant information better. Storing all files in a centralized database ensures that employees are more efficient in retrieving data since they know where and how to find the data.

Information synergy
Information synergy is the concept in which airport partners pool their resources and collaborate across roles or boundaries. Centralized data helps to promote the multiplicative and non-separable gains that can be obtained from team-based cooperation.

Uniformity of information 
Another benefit of a centralized system is the uniformity of information. Each data element is referred to by the same name and presented in the same syntax. Everybody speaks the same language, simplifying communication between partners and colleagues. 

Increased data security 
With a centralized database, it is possible to synchronize all security measures and any data updates. Enforcing security measures is simpler because changes are made only from a central location and only by authorized persons. 

Communication platform 
Velocity's AODB has been designed for expansion of, and integration into, the airport’s existing system architecture. It provides services for the collection and transmission of information, and facilitates the connection to external applications. It will allow airport partners to capitalize on their existing infrastructure, without the need to replace equipment unnecessarily or run two separate systems.  

Advanced user-management  
Security is one of the top priorities at an airport and this should also include data security. Velocity's AODB incorporates an advanced user-management module. It allows the management of individual identities, their authentication, authorization, and privileges within the system with the goal of increasing security and not compromising productivity. At the same time it allows to retrieve the user’s actions in order to evaluate working processes or certain events.