System features

ATCO display view

  • Provides Tower with dynamic live view of the airport ground
  • Can be installed in any vehicle or movable object, even carried on person
  • Works in any airport environment
  • Does not require any radar or microwave equipment
  • Uses standard hardware, PC computers and Android based devices
  • All areas can be independently geofenced, runways, taxiways, aprons, fields, cargo bays, areas, etc.
  • Any vehicle can see nearby traffic and message TWR or other vehicles
  • Tower can message and/or clear any vehicle independently in groups
  • Complete COTS solution
  • Cost-effective complement to existing multilateration and ADS-B systems
  • Small dimensions and weight with full automated operation


Mobile device view

  • Less than one second intervals between target detection and display¬†
  • 96-99,9 percent signal detection
  • < 7m 95% Accuracy
  • Virtually unlimited number of vehicles, types and sizes supported
  • Operational costs substantially lower than traditional SMCS systems
  • Operational features at least twice as many as in a traditional SMCS system
  • Reduces cost of operation and ownership
  • Supports both Windows and Linux operation systems for displays
  • Mobile clients based on Android technology