Ground Traffic Analysis Suite

Know who, what, when and where.

Analyse ground traffic and prevent future incursions   

Until today, analyzing ground traffic was a time consuming, complex and expensive project.  A person or persons do visual reporting of every runway crossing, occupation and general usage to get a better picture on where to focus when optimizing the traffic flow.  This is also done to prevent possible future accidents or incursions due to complex traffic patterns.  Analyzing traffic with exact statistics allows airport operators to control traffic with optimization in mind, routing traffic from busy crossing, cut down vehicle crossings and illustrate the need for new or improved taxiways based on statistical data.

The Ground Traffic Analysis Suite is a standalone or add-on product to the Airport Tracking System.  The powerful system back-end will generate statistical data on most measurable parameters such as runway usage, taxiway usage, crossings, stops-and-goes (radio occupation), timings, etc. all the way to a taxiway segment timing in seconds.  The information is measured pr. vehicle and can be grouped or categorized as needed.  

This information can then be used to generate a heat map of the airport where heavy traffic can be analysed and preventive actions taken to optimize the traffic flow of the airport.  This also helps preventing possible accidents from happening in the future with fewer crossings, less radio occupation and overall fewer unnecessary movements on the airport aprons, taxiways or even runways.  

The system can easily be added on to the Airport Tracking System or operated as a stand-alone product on any airport with virtually unlimited number of vehicles.