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Velocity Integrated Tower Solution

The Velocity Integrated Tower Solution is a cost effective touch-enabled tower display system, based on Velocity Airport Surface Tracking System.  It is designed to provide visual aid to Air Traffic Controllers and reduce the risk of ground incursions while enabling single-point of control for all tower systems. The system is based on a proven technology utilizing GPS and network technology to transmit and recieve information at ground surveillance radar intervals. All communication with airport systems such as AWOS, AGL, cameras, etc. is based on open standards and the system can interact with most industry standard communication protocols. 

While giving a unified view of the airport traffic and operational status, the technology eliminates blank spots and shadows and provides the ATCO with a full dynamic view of the whole airport, leaving no critical area undetected. The system is specially designed for airports with low to medium traffic density.

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The system is a part of the the Velocity Airport Solution System is designed as a total solution for any airport operation. The Airport Tracker is a key product providing the controller with a live view of the ground operations. The system can easily be adapted to include inbound air traffic and terminal operation information, both resulting in improved service handling time. 

The Tracker can be connected to surveillance data sources to display air traffic and alert the ATCO if a potential incursion is detected.  The system analyzes the traffic on each segment of the airport and alerts the ATCO if the pattern suggests it.  Should a vehicle enter a runway when aircraft is either arriving or departing, the system will sound an audible alert for the ATCO to react.

The ground operator will have a live map of the airport, displaying not only the vehicle’s current position but also any other vehicle active on the airport, even aircraft.  This is crucial information in bad visibility conditions. The display will also provide the driver with other live information such as arrival/departure tables and vehicles can submit  information to the tower, i.e breaking action, snow reports, etc., minimizing radio occupation and possible errors.

Furthermore, the system does not only provide the tower with relevant information.  The displays can be set up at any location and monitor any vehicle, inside or outside the airport. Even airport related vehicles on errands around or outside the airport can be tracked and registered. Technical services, fire brigades and ground ops can monitor any vehicle in their operation to maximize service handling times optimizing the total response time of anyone involved in the day to day operations. 

PDF manuals

Tracking System manual
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ATCO Display Manual
Vehicle Display Manual