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Velocity AIM for airport information and management.

Liberalization and deregulation of the airport industry have led to increasing competition. New airlines and business models have emerged. Airline structures have changed in such a way that competition is no longer exclusively between single carriers but between air traffic systems and their airports. In order to stay competitive in this new environment, an airport has to increase its efficiency and reduce cost by streamlining its operations, improving its decision-making, making better use of resources and, last but not least, by improving collaboration between the airport partners. Velocity AIM is an airport information and management system which helps you to realize this. Velocity AIM provides the most accurate and real-time information to all stakeholders at and around the airport for day-to-day operations. It will provide your airport with a competitive advantage over your competition.

Velocity AIM is a system which has been successfully operational at several airports. Their systems have been developed, supported and maintained by Velocity Airport Solutions, which has provided us with a unique insight into the needs of an airport when it comes to Airport Information and Management systems. This experience and the latest available technology are incorporated into Velocity AIM.

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Key features

Key features of Velocity AIM

CDM ready for regional airports

Due to mounting traffic congestion, Eurocontrol has developed the concept of Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) as part of SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research). The concept of CDM aims to improve operational efficiency, predictability and punctuality at European infrastructure bottlenecks and congested hub airports, which have an adverse impact on the air transport supply chain.

As each airport is a node in the European network with an influence upon the overall performance of the network, Eurocontrol has envisioned the extension of CDM to regional airports. Not only large hub airports but also regional airports will benefit from CDM, because CDM does not only lead to better use of available capacity, but also to a more efficient use of resources, resulting in a lower operational cost. Current commercially available CDM Airport Information Systems however are developed for large hub airports and are overdesigned for regional airports.

With years of experience we have developed Velocity AIM as a CDM ready airport information system. Velocity AIM will implement the best practices of CDM, letting you take advantage of the CDM benefits and  preparing you for the future, while at the same time removing redundant features which are not required by regional airports.  When a full CDM capability is needed in the future, Velocity AIM can be easily extended to provide this functionality.

Web based
Centralised data
Other features
System configuration

Benefits of Velocity AIM

The essence of Velocity AIM is to provide common, timely, accurate and reliable information to all airport partners by collaboration and sharing between the partners. Each of the airport partners will experience an improved situational awareness (SA) and the processes will become more predictable. This will result in three elementary operational benefits:

    • Improved flexibility
    • Improved efficiency
    • Improved punctuality

These elementary improvements are interrelated: when resources become more flexible it will be easier to deal with irregular events, which will result in an improved punctuality. When punctuality is improved, resources can be organised better which will lead to an increased efficiency. Additionally when flexibility increases, the resources can be organised more effectively which will increase the efficiency. And finally, when efficiency increases, wasted resource capacity is released which can be used to handle irregular events, leading to improved punctuality.