Simulate air side driving without the risk.

Lower your risk, prevent collisions, educate!

Velocity Airside Driving and GSE Simulator

The ADS Airside Driving and GSE Simulator is a solution that provides a safe, realistic and efficient way to give airside driving personnel basic or advanced driving or GSE training. It is a unique cost effective Simulation Solution aimed at training Airside drivers/operators on the actual airport driving conditions, daily operations & handling emergency situations without the dangers & costs involved, which is not possible to do in real life.


The simulator provides a detailed 3D model of an Aerodrome with all signs, markings andlines modeled, surrounding scenery and dynamic vehicle traffic. Any airport can be modeled into the simulator giving the benefit of training personnel in airport familiarization at any given airport.  The system provides realistic vehicle dynamics simulation and allows selecting from several different types of vehicles. Supported vehicle controls include steering, braking, throttle,lights and manual or automatic gear shift.


The system enables providing standardized training in any conditions such as high traffic and reduced visibility at any given time in a safe environment.

  • Operate in airport movement areas in changing environmental conditions.
  • Learn airport specific standard operation procedures, emergency procedures
  • Understand and comply with airport signs and marking
  • Develop and maintain situational awareness
  • Coordinate safely with other ground vehicles and aircraft
  • Improve communication phraseology

Fully featured but yet affordable

The simulator is customized to suit unique air side requirements featuring the following:

  • Driving station: operator’s seat surrounded by instruments and controls ergonomically positioned
  • Instruction station: set up training scenarios, control and evaluate training 
  • Visual display: Highly realistic 3D virtual world, projected or on LCD screen
  • Audio system: The high-quality system providing realistic sound effects and allows two-way communication between Trainee and Trainer
  • 3D environment: The system is delivered with a specially pre-installed or customized air side terrain. This simulated 3D airside terrain comes complete with artificially intelligent aircraft, variety of air side vehicles, accurate 3D airport models with runways, taxiways and apron areas with correct roadway markings, lighting and signage Option of Day, night, dusk, reduced visibility and adverse weather conditions is available.
  • Training software: The training modules are pre-built or customized as per client’s requirement.

Clinical testing

Drivers are under evaluation at all times when driving.  To further check their alertness, items can be added to the exercise at any time to check driver's reflexes, alertness and judgement, and items of interest (such as FOD) can be placed in exercise to test visual alertness.  These measurements can be added to the rating of the driver at the end of each exercise if selected.


Designed for your needs.

The simulator can be delivered in a full motion platform configuration as well as standard 3 display and VR version.



Feature highlights

  • Full vehicle dynamics simulation
  • Collision dynamics
  • Different vehicle types
  • Reduced visibility, day­ and night scenarios
  • Weather effects
  • Training in emergency situations
  • Radio communication
  • Realistic Airport Environments
  • Site specific procedures
  • Availability 24/7
  • Fully COTS solution
  • 60-270° field of view


Instructor station

Instructor station view

The instructor is featured with exercise preparation­, execution­ and monitoring capabilities.

The feature highlights contain:

  • 3D view of student’s vehicle
  • 2D Overview of Airport scenario
  • Radio communications with student
  • Selectable viewpoints
  • Driver’s view
  • Chase view
  • Predefined perspective
  • Freely positionable view
  • Zooming and panning