Public displays for airports

- with targeted advertisements

The Velocity Airport Display System

Daily operation of airports relies on rapid information delivery to passengers.  This ensures fast boarding at the right time.  A crucial factor for airlines to be punctual and airports to be efficient.  Connecting the public displays, placed around the airport, to the live traffic data provided by the Velocity Airport System, brings updated information appear to the passenger the very minute it changes.

Flight Information Display System  (FIDS) is crucial to any airport operation.  Displays can be customized to any airport.  They can display departure/arrival information on separated or combined displays, advertisements and other relevant information.  Target advertising can raise the revenues and will ensure that the passenger is receiving information matching the location at the airport or even destination travelling to.

The information exchange server will pull live information on departures and arrivals and display it according to the local configuration.  Each display can have local characteristics and different behavior than the next one.  Information can then be mixed with advertisement and/or live news media, even from the destination.  Gate information displays and check-in desk displays will react accordingly.  Everything is then controlled from a web interface that can be accessed from any location.  

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Flight Information Display System