ADS-B squid for airport vehicles and GSE equipment

- reduce ground incursions and incidents!

Velocity ADS-B Vehicle Squid

One of the most compact and aerodynamic antenna on the market

The Velocity ADS-B Squid is one of the smallest ADS-B vehicle transceivers on market and has been developed for vehicle tracking. The device operates on 1090MHz and allows to receive and transmit ADS-B data with 20 Watt output power, ensuring reliable reception of the target signal. The transceiver does not require external devices to operate but can be provided with a situation map as a part of the Velocity A-SMGCS system.

The Velocity ADS-B Squid is equipped with a high quality multi-GNSS receiver that provides accurate location detection. The squid comes in two different version, permanent and portable in quality housing that protects the equipment and provides ESD protection guarantee high resistance of the device to work in difficult conditions. The Velocity ADS-B Squid is a cost effective ADS-B in/out transceiver that enhances airport security and helps preventing runway and taxiway incursions that are an ever increasing threat to aviation safety.

A permanent and portable version is available and antennas can be delivered in different colors according to the client’s request.  The portable version comes with a magnetic mount, allowing for instant deployment on i.e. construction, maintenance or other kind of visiting vehicles at the airport.


Part of the Velocity Ground Surveillance System

The Velocity ADS-B Squid can work with any ADS-B and/or MLAT equipped A-SMGCS system but can offer additional features when installed together with the Velocity A-SMGCS system or as a part of the Velocity Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP). 

With the ITWP map system, the Air Traffic Controller can give direct instructions to the driver on how to proceed as authorized.  If the vehicle does not comply to the given orders, both the driver and the ATCO will be notified. 

A traffic light system is also built into the map system, ensuring that drivers don’t enter runways when an aircraft is present or on a final approach. 


Reduce the risk of ground incursions and incidents

At airports worldwide, ground vehicle incursion in critical safety areas is rising. The Velocity ADS-B Squid minimizes the risk, a vehicle-mounted ADS-B transmitter that continually broadcasts a vehicle's location, fully compliant to international standards. 

The transmitter can be permanently or magnetically mounted to all airside vehicles and GSE equipment. Each vehicle is clearly and uniquely identified according to regulation, providing an essential addition to any surface movement guidance and control system or as a part of the Velocity Ground Surveillance System.

The design of the Velocity ADS-B Squid ensures easy integration and interoperability with any multilateralisation or ADS-B system based on ICAO Annex 10 Mode S, extended squitter datalink definition.



  • Real-time aircraft tracking on 1090MHz 
  • Patented technology with the capability of receiving thousands of frames per second 
  • Integrated GNSS source and pressure sensor 
  • 20 Watt output power 
  • Low-power consumption and low weight design 
  • Simple plug&play integration 


  • Designed to meet MOPS DO-260B
  • Dimension: 45.5x28x10mm 
  • Full A-SMGCS exploitation
  • Safety in all weather conditions
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Reduced runway, taxiway and apron incursion risk
  • Seamless integration with ADS-B and MLAT surveillance systems


  • European CE product
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Low electromagnetic emissions
  • Small dimensions and weight
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully automated unattended operation
  • Input voltage 12V
  • Current consumption 130mA 
  • Sensitivity -72dBm